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Hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of the weightier decisions of you wedding day. It's also one of the pricier things to budget. And your photos are the only thing that will remain with you through the rest of you lives. In my opinion, this makes choosing the right professional Vancouver photographer the most important decision you'll make. Well, the second most important - after choosing your person!

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

Consider that your wedding day is the first day of your "official" happily ever after. Hence, having this day documented for you to happily look back on is one of your most important investments. Unlike any other part of your wedding, your photos are the one tangible piece of your day that will remain with you forever. In short, they will be picked up and admired over and over.

You will have paid attention to every little detail. You will look more beautiful as a couple on this special day than on any other day of your lives. You will gather all your most important people to share this day with you. It really doesn't make a difference whether your wedding is a small, intimate affair or very large event. Your pictures will preserve those details. We all know memory fades over time. But that's the beauty of photos. They keep the memory sharp and alive.

Your digital photos, your wedding album, your photo book, and your prints are your memories of this hugely important milestone in your lives together. Those are some of the more important reasons to hire a professional Vancouver wedding photographer.

Having a nice camera doesn't make a professional!

There is so much more to good photography than people realize. From the days of film to our digital age, photography has always been about more than the equipment you have in your hand. A great photograph is created, not taken. Yes, it does sound a little pompous, but it is the truth. Learning to read light and use it to your advantage takes years of practice. Recognizing patterns and textures and how they work for you and against you.

Wedding photography is all about artfully telling your story. A photographer who's experienced knows what they want to achieve and highlight in each image, and makes it happen on purpose. You'll never catch my camera on an automatic setting. I control it all manually. From the light to the shadows.

Weddings Are a Different Beast

There are no do overs when it comes to shooting a wedding. The really significant moments come and go quickly, emotions are high, and it takes a certain psychology to be a good professional wedding photographer.

Most of us don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. But when the experience is fun, not rigid and stressful, I promise you will relax. If you're worried about having to figure out on your own you can stop worrying. You won't be left alone to figure out how to stand, what on earth to do with your hands or worry about if your make up has smudged. That's why you hire a pro.

Working With Me

The experience you can expect with me is a strong combination of professionalism and personal interest. The goal I have with every wedding is to provide an experience. You're not just another wedding shoot. Also, consistent quality results have made it possible for me to dedicate world's best wedding pictures Vancovuer wedding photographermyself to the craft of wedding photography full time since 2011. Since that time I have had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of weddings in many different locations. I'm thankful to the amazing couples who have placed their trust in me to capture their memories.

This trust is not something I take lightly. My clients are not simply another customer number. Your wedding day memories are important, you are individuals, your wedding has details unique to you. Thank you to all my past, and future clients for keeping me among the most trusted and recommended professional Vancouver wedding photographer.

In conclusion, I'm are honoured that you're considering me to be a part of such of important day.

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