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Vancouver Engagement Photographer

Even if you have an aversion to being in front of the camera, I will do my best to make your session enjoyable. And more importantly, you will be happy with the end result. I tailor the session to your personalities and pick a location that suits you. And the most important part of all of this? You will be much more at ease for your wedding photos. That’s a promise! Let’s book your session!

Engagement Photography – Why?

Most couples have their first couple photos taken at their wedding. But having an engagement session does small miracles to get you ready for your wedding photos. And you're only getting your wedding pictures done once, so it's best to get it right.

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You will know what to expect, you will have the basics of looking good in front of the camera down, and you will definitely not be nearly as intimidated in front the giant lens and you would otherwise be. Anniversaries and other milestones are some fantastic excuses for having couple photos done as well.

Maybe you’re just the cutest couple ever, or you just realized that most of your pictures together are less than stellar. And if you have never had professional photos done outside of a studio, you have no idea just how much fun it is! Engagement photography is also the best way to prepare you for your wedding day photos. It does matter. If you’re looking for a Vancouver engagement photographer, contact me. Some of my wedding packages even include a free engagement session.

Studio photography is traditional and established to be sure. However, when is the last time you looked at a posed studio portrait of anyone, and thought to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe what a fantastic photograph that is of so-and-so!”? Never? Me either. There are some incredible portrait photographers out there who can absolutely capture that wow factor with just a black background and have their subject completely reveal themselves in the image. But they are the elite of portrait photography and are a rare breed. And they still often work in a studio. But that’s not me. If we get you out in your natural habitat however, it’s a different story.

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As the word implies, a couple is two. Two different people, two different personalities. Two who have chosen to work as a unit. There is always something that defines two people who share their lives. Some couples are movie buffs, some are intellectual, some are athletic or outdoorsy and on and on. That unity is what needs to be captured in your images in one way or another. There are many different ways to draw out that connection and love. If that is the kind of photo session you are hoping for, then I am the Vancouver engagement photographer for you.

The one thing that I was not expecting when I began to do this professionally, was to see how much a photo session can re-connect a couple. Whether you are busy planning a wedding, or just living your daily lives, when is the last time you both just stopped, and thought about what exactly it is that brought you together? Why you love each other? How you cooperate together to make things happen and make life go?  It’s surprising how a photo session will make you pause and reflect on many of those things. It’s a great, relaxed time to remember why you feel in love. There can never be enough of those moment in our busy lives, can there?

If you are engaged… Congratulations! Now is the time to book your engagement session. The promise of a life together brings a joy and connection to two people that translates beautifully into pictures, even if you are shy and reserved.  And after the engagement of course, comes the wedding! Check out the wedding galleries here.

Fun and beautiful engagement Photography in Vancouver, the lower mainland, and surrounding islands by Fotogratopia. A great addition to your wedding album!

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